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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes we forget religion in the mainstream- beyond our church. Sometimes we forget how intricately it is all connected with who we are as a nation, as a world- a global community of humanity. Until someone does something wrong. The media does love a good disaster! And don't we all? Aren't we fascinated (and yes, often horrified) by 24-hour coverage of natural disasters, accidents, wars, politicians doing something wrong or mis-steps by our great leaders, political, ethical and spiritual? We are, we hang on every word- and the media fills that need. We want it and they have it. But with all of the hullabaloo over Westboro Baptist Church, Pat Robertson, fundamentalist Islamics, Catholic secrets, and anti-whatevers, we lose that still small voice of reason within us. It's okay. Remember the sane thoughts of those who sit next to you at church, in the cathedral or the mosque. Those who have the loudest voice don't always have the right voice.


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