Yay Jesus!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I love Easter. I love the lilies, the azaleas in bloom and seeing all of the people in church who haven't come since Christmas and probably won't see again until next Christmas. Even the long sermons.

I don't think about the afterlife very much even though I am a Christian. I am very focused about how I live in the moment- about how Christ changes my life here on earth. I suppose I should think about the afterlife more than I do- in order to truly comprehend the magnitude of his sacrifice. Even though God gave us this magnificent gift of eternal life in the only way we could understand it- through his son, flesh and blood- we still don't grasp it fully. Death still scares me.

We are saved. We are saved. Through Christ. Grace. Love. Forgiveness. Meaning we don't have to worry (or fear) death. That's a relief. But we'll still walk to the tomb and find it empty. We go and expect death, only to find it gone. We won't believe, refuse even, to think that something greater has happened. I'll forget that when things get too hard and expect doom and gloom. Then I'll smile and remember he is risen. And that is greater than any worry that I may ever have.

He is risen indeed.

Alleluia Alleluia!!

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