C'mon! Seriously?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is verging on the ridiculous. I have been sitting at my desk for hours now, trying to write a persuasive essay about how the Navy should postpone their proposed construction of the Undersea Warfare Training Range off the coast of Florida and Georgia because of the fears of environmental impact until said fears have been allayed with the proper sanctifications of environmental protection and research agencies. My brain has decided that it has no more thoughts on the subject and now wishes to go to sleep, or at least move onto something else entirely. Which it has done in the form of this blog, two letters, taking down all of my postcards and various wall decorations, and through countless handfuls of Garden Cheddar Goldfish (that was an accidental purchase at Target- but apparently is giving me 1/3 a serving of vegetables). My brain is empty. Not a thought in sight. This is not a problem of focusing or forming cohesive thoughts, but of actually having any thoughts at all. I have none. Even though I will be done with English for the semester, and if I pass, the college career and therefore life, this is apparently not incentive enough to come up with something, anything. "Because I said so" is all I can really muster. Hey, it worked for our parents.

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