To do and not to do

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've spent a lot of time in the car thinking about things. Some of them are deep thoughts and others, well, they're not so meaningful. Today I came up with a list of things I would and would not like to be when I grow up. (These are personal reflections of my own, they are in no way intended to be mean or degrading to said job, just something I would not like.)

This would be a really cool job:
1. Make communion wafers. Just think of what you would say at a cocktail party- "Well yes, I do make the body of Christ."
2. Make the communion wine.
3. Be a scribe for the illuminated bibles. Maybe my neat handwriting would finally come in handy. Pun intended.
4. Be a monk. Yes, I know I am a girl.
5. Work at the crayola factory.
6. Come up with names for crayons, makeup, fingernail polish, paint colors, etc.
7. Work in a book store.
8. Own and operate an inn.
9. Test clothing for Patagonia.
10. Write for travel magazines.
11. Design patterns for quilting fabric.
12. Work in the post office sorting mail.
13. Work for postsecret.
14. Design stamps. Design stationary.
15. Test write pens.
16. Work at a zoo.
17. Work at Patagonia, Life Is Good, Kavu or some store or company that is fun and functional and friendly.
18. Anything that involves travel and good medical benefits.
19. Work in religious peace talks. Inter-religious dialogue. Helping one group of people understand another group of people- and working to keep everyone happy and live in a more peaceful and safe world.
20. Write letters for a living.

This I would not like to do so much:
1. Be the person who has to pick up the blown tires on the side of the highway.
2. Be a mortician.
3. Clean people's teeth.
4. Have to put animals down for illnesses, etc.
5. Be a flight attendant or work in an airport. People can annoy me. And they do it the most in restaurants and on planes. Food and air can bring out the worst in people.
6. Be riot police. Crowds of crazy and usually angry people. No thanks.
7. Anything where I have to carry a gun.
8. Prison guard.
9. Drive a semi truck. Particularly when carrying a. explosives b. flammable substances c. livestock d. trees that are piled on top of each other with nothing securing them.

I am extremely thankful that people DO do these jobs because they are necessary and important. I just can't do them.

What wouldn't you- or what would you- do? Post your comments here.

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  1. The inn better be one for non-morning people! Maybe you can serve brunch.