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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am chewing BubbleYum right now. Do you remember it? It's that huge chunk of gum that is sugar, gum paste and some flavoring. It takes a lot of effort to chew this thing. I feel like my teeth are going to rot out and die before the flavor is lost (and it will be lost soon, that's the life of the BubbleYum). It's already hardening. It does make some pretty fantastic bubbles, I have to say. I am a pro at blowing bubbles. You have to make sure the gum is flat and then you simply coax more out with your teeth until you have the most glorious sugar bubble you've ever seen and then it pops all over your face and you permanently have sugar up your nose.

Today has been one of those "Wow, I really accomplished nothing today and I feel rather worthless" days. I'm not trying to sound pathetic or anything, it just so happens that I did nothing more than take Stella to the vet, finish my laundry and make my bed. And then in a short while, I'll publish this post. It's funny that it's gotten popular. I started with about 6 religious readers (and most of them are relatives) and now people will start conversations with "so I read in your blog..." That's nice. I am semi-vain, as we all are and so it makes me feel nice to know that you, dear readers are out there, taking up some of your valuable time to read this rambling message to the nameless. Thanks.

P.S. Adding to the list...
1. Pelican flyer to re-establish pelicans displaced by the oil spill. (interesting)
2. The person who handles the calls about BubbleYum- see above. (would not like to do)
3. Cartographer- only in the drawing/writing/coloring part. No math or computers for me. (would like to do)

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