She's a crafty one...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I aspire to be crafty. I want to be handy with things and come up with ideas where people say, "Oh my gosh, look at her, just oozing creativity from the pores"- or something along those lines, maybe or maybe not dealing with my physical biology. People say that I'm really good at art and that I have nice handwriting and wow she can sew but I strive to be more! I want to be one of those people who creates art, not just is able to produce a given answer and result to a project that needs doing. There's a huge difference. I haven't felt creative in a while. I did make a pretty cool looking snake for Evelyn on Monday. I had a great fat quarter that kind of looked like cracked clay (you know, those pictures of the desert when the clay/sand cracks) that was green-I swear, the fabric is a lot cooler than how I just described it. Annnyway, I made a snake! And it was kind of lumpy, but it was cool too. She loved it and to me it felt like it was a success story because she KNEW it was a snake. So that was enough for me. And it was the favorite toy of the day. So I'm constantly trying to come up with cool ideas for her to play with. Any suggestions? I was thinking coloring, finger puppets, maybe those puppets made out of brown paper bags... what do you think? I do think I have to draw the line at a few things: tea cozies, afghans- I don't want to go nuts, I just want to make some useful things to make me happy, keep a 2 year-old occupied and maybe a few useful things. We're supposed to be constantly bettering ourselves, right? I plan to better myself with paper and glue. So long as I don't eat the glue.

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