Yay America! Happy 234th!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an American. -Woodrow Wilson

America is 234 years old, as of yesterday. It has seen four centuries. It's mind-boggling how much has gone on in that time. People think of transportation first: horses to cars and in the middle trains, cable cars, the subway, tractors, planes- all of these things add up to a nation that is constantly on the move, incessantly diving head first into things. And you can come up with a hundred, maybe a thousand, things you don't like about our government. I won't ask you to like the government. That's fine. Sometimes it's hard to like a government that spends more on war than on education and state governments that are willing to behead funding from libraries. And sure, we're a nation that has the luxury of having... luxuries. But aside from all of that, we're pretty darn amazing. You can hate the institution, but I marvel at the people. We have people risking everything they have to come here. I find it interesting how people seem to react fiercely toward the "illegals" here, but there are a few reasons why I raise my eyebrows at those remarks. A. Most of the people in this country immigrated here, and I can promise that over the years, a LOT of them were illegal. I am sure many of us are descended from them. B. "They come into our school without paying." Heavens to Betsy, would you prefer uneducated people in the country or educated children who will probably become naturalized later on and surely help our economy. C. They are doing jobs that need to be done. So I'm happy to have the people who will work, the people who care enough to serve our country in the military, the people who feed us and the ones who build things around us. The people who take care of us when we are physically sick and those when we're hungering spiritually. America sure has an excessive amount of things- great things- but our people are even better. Happy birthday America.

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