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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great things are afoot! First and foremost- my medicine seems to be doing great. I'm down to two! I only take two medications a day!!!! Do you know how huge that is?? Probably not. So I shall tell you! Different meds do different things. One may be a mood stabilizer- which is what it sounds. It keeps your mood from fluctuating up and down and up and down. Another may treat depression. When you have bipolar disorder, it's very common to need to take multiple. I have depressive-irritable bipolar disorder, so I'm more apt to cycle between being depressed and being irritable and anxious rather than depressive and manic. So I have to take a mood-stabilizer and a anti-depressant to keep it all in check. Sometimes these medicines pile on top of one another to the extreme of having to take a half dozen or more all at once. So to be minimally medicated is always nice to know.

And things are going well. It's so hard to explain unless you know what this disorder truly is, but I do feel more inclined to be happy and smile more often. That alone is huge. Tomorrow I am planning on being assertive. (My confidence is about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have to strategize for these things.) I am going to call the bakery about the job I applied for. They promised to let me know either way by the end of last week. I am going to make sure they didn't lose my application. I want a job so very much. I will find one. I will I will I will. Confidence! Nerve! Boldness! Conviction! I will have these things (and a job) once again. Oooh, look at me go! I sound like a Fearless Leader Of... something! I shall conquer monumental things. But for now I'm going to be the Fearless Leader of Sleep.

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