The Happy Wall

Friday, September 17, 2010

When I was a second-semester freshman in college I went through a really tough time: some of my family members were battling serious illnesses, I got sick a lot, and I was struggling with school and depression. So my No.1 Natalie devised a plan to make me remember all of the good things in life; all of the reasons I could get up in the morning and smile. We put them all over the wall beside my bed. The happy wall was born with a sharpie and a huge block of post-it notes (always use the super-sticky kind they make, that way they'll stay). It's been re-born in various bedrooms and apartments and dorm rooms since it's original conception in 2008. Here are some things that go on my happy wall.

Love; Stars; Sweaters; Project Runway; Family; Religion; Picnics; Bouncy Balls; Charleston; Hugs; Food; God; Music; Tie Dye; Good Books; People with passion; Body pillows; Architecture; Movies; Mountains; Painting; Quotes; Odd Facts; Bumper stickers; Chickadees; Popsicles; Smoothies; Peace; Babies; Irish Wolfhounds; Bulls Island; My Big; Old People Holding Hands; Change; Water: Deamers; The Olympics; Kappa Delta; Mail; Orchids; Clean sheets; Beards; The zoo; People helping other people; Party in a box!; Dinosaurs; Sisters; Stickers; Bacon; My friends; Climbing trees; Red tailed hawks; Scarves; Le Petit Prince; National Geographic; Sunflowers; Coloring; Medicine that works; Windows; Traveling; The Man Wall; Sushi; Trying new things; History; Art

What's on yours?

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