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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1. Watch "Pirate Radio" if you love British accents and classic rock.
2. Listen to Mumford and Sons, especially "Little Lion Man"- parents, it does drop the f bomb a bit, but has some marvelous banjo playing- redeeming in my ears, but perhaps not that of your impressionable young children. YouTube link:
3. Whenever I hear the word rum, I automatically think of pirates.
4. I've had conversations with 2 different people about baleen/whalebone (the thick, thready, teeth-like stuff in certain whale's mouths) in the past few days. And full-blown conversations. One ended in us talking in Whale. And me going home and watching "Finding Nemo." The other was interjected with "I can't believe that we're actually having a conversation about how whales eat." That was the other person, not me. Obviously, for me it's completely normal.
5. I think I've decided what my perfect man is: tall. well educated. able to have conversations about baleen. and pirates. thinks I'm the most awesome person ever. loves being outside. reads and writes well. religious and not a zealot. I'm flexible on actual occupation, hair color, eye color, and whether or not he owns Chacos (a plus). If you find one of these men, just lying around, let me know.
6. I'm listening to ZZ Top now. Don't judge.
7. I finished "Falling Angels" by Tracy Chevallier. She's a great author, but it wasn't my favorite book of hers. Last book I loved was "The Secret Garden." Everyone should read it and then find a friend like Dicken. And roam the English moors.
8. I'm so glad it's finally getting warm and that means no more ties at work starting March 1. You have no idea how wonderful that is. Considering that I've ruined 2 ties already. And have 1 left. Hey, it's the little things in life.
9. I just finished one of the best birthday presents I have ever bought/created. It doesn't get much better than this. AND I'm going to Charlotte to give it to her in person. Hannah C, you are one lucky duck.
10. I have two days off in a row starting today, since it's 3 something in the morning. I've really got to switch up this sleeping schedule to a more normal pattern. But what to do? My room is moderately clean and I think I'm good on laundry.
11. I love bananas, but only when they're still kind of green on top.
12. I really am losing it... it's late and I guess I could really... I don't even remember what I was going to say or how to even finish that sentence which means I should really finish this post. Okay, goodbye!

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