Beautiful and Torn

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've been selfish, I know. I've spent so much time in my mind worrying about my forthcoming email bearing tidings good or ill, that I haven't said anything about the earthquakes in Japan or the tusnami that rocked the Pacific. I don't handle disasters well. 9/11 (can you believe that it will be 10 years this September?) was a shock to me and my 12 year old self. I couldn't grasp the terrible act- not any part of it. I couldn't understand why, how, the destruction, the panic of not being able to get ahold of a loved one, the aftermath, or the people affected by it. I simply couldn't process it all. It didn't come to me until days later, as I sat in the dark of my dining room, crying into my bowl of Cheerios. Ahh! Here I go again, the tears streaming down my face, with that little catch in my throat. I can't imagine something like that happening here. Well, I can (thank you hurricanes and living on a fault line), but I can't imagine my reaction to that. What would I do if my home was gone? And OH MY GOSH will these doom and destruction nay-sayers PLEASE back off. If I have to hear one more "the world is coming to an end" speech I just might pull my ears off. Earthquakes happen. Hurricanes happen. Tornadoes. Floods. Volcanos. Water spouts. Blizzards. Droughts. Monsoons. Tsunamis. They have been happening for millions of years and they will continue. Did anyone ever stop and think that perhaps God doesn't do all this stuff, but the Devil? Not saying that he did, but is it so novel to blame the bad guy for the bad things? Apparently so. Personally, shit happens. I hate to use that word, but I think I need the strength of it. Cancer. Bipolar disorder. Poverty. Illiteracy. Postal strikes. The cost of stamps. We live in a world where the Lord gave us free will- we can do good and we can do bad. We live in a world where good and evil are in a constant power struggle. We live in a world that is ruled by God. Logically speaking, a planet this large, in a solar system this size and our proximity to the sun... add it all together and you have the laws of physics and geography and geology and biology. It can't be perfect. These things happen. Blaming it on anything other than the natural forces of this world will get you no where and send you into a tail spin of death, doom and destruction. God created this planet. Creation being the key. But you have to make the best of what you've got. Harp on the death all you want. Jesus said let the dead bury the dead (perhaps a little insensitive on his part, in my opinion), but while we mourn, let us also remember we have to deal with what is left. And that is rebuilding, keeping people safe, sending supplies, supporting the people of Japan as best we can. Think about the living and all the good that is to be done. If anything, (sad to say as it may be), bad things bring people together. So let's remind ourselves of that. Come together. Leave your negativity behind- Japan doesn't need your bad attitude in addition to all that it has going on.

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