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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Okay, the plot thickens and the excitement builds. To catch you up to speed: 1. I sent in my application the first week in February. 2. I got confirmation that they got it and filled out another pdf form for them. 3. I got a phone call from Anna, a YAGM alum from the Jerusalem/West Bank program (I think there's a whole blog post about that one) and we chatted it up about everything I wanted to know. 4. I confirmed that all of my references got their stuff and sent it in. 5. I got an email on Tuesday from Pastor Heidi, one of the directors of the program, wanting to set up a phone interview!! 6. I emailed her back. 7. She emailed me back and now we have a phone interview set up for Tuesday at 11 am. Say your prayers please!

If all of this works out, I should hear back about the next step no later than March 25. 22 days. Not that I'm counting or anything. I'm just so excited about what could happen. This could be a huge opportunity for me in so many ways. I could spend a whole year (with my expenses all covered) just working for God in one of these programs. A year with a set job and new people to meet, to go to places I've never been before, to be scared out of my wits and pushed in new and thrilling ways. I want to do something different. And what's more different than working in a new job in a country I've never been to before and possibly with a language that I don't speak? Not much. I'm so ready to know what's going to happen. If I do hear back at the end of March, then I will be flying to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (yes, I had to look that one up on a map) for a weekend of "discernment placement interviews" where I will have interviews with specific country programs.

And yes, I am working on plan B. Until very recently this has been Plan A. And the only Plan. But reality hits when the all of these applications and references and interviews become real and deadlines loom and things start to get into the hands and control of someone else. After Tuesday, this is completely in the hands of God and the Global Missions office. There will be nothing else I can do to prove to them how much I want this and how good I think I'll be for the job. I have to admit, I want this job for so many reasons, one of them being my own discernment. I know full well that your current situation in life prepares you for future situations. Working for someone else and doing something different I think will help me figure out where I'm supposed to be in life. I don't know. That's been proven over and over again.

The full run-down of my life career options (as best I can remember): Astronaut. There was something about a green button that needed to be pressed... I can't say I remember much more than that or even why I wanted to be one. Artist. I still haven't completely thrown that one out of the realm of question. Trainer at Sea World. A Killer Whale as a pet? Totally awesome! Zoologist. Along the same lines, but opened up opportunities for animals on land, not just marine life. Art teacher. At a time when Art was my favorite class in school (and in elementary school it seems like you'll be in school forever) so I saw no reason that once I finally got out of school, I could return to it and stay in art class forever. Heaven! This also came about recently during my panic over not going to seminary and wanting a steady job. History/Art History professor. Again, something about staying in school and learning forever is just appealing to me. Pastor. I can thank God for that one. Speak to me in church, tell me to go to seminary and then bing bang boom there you have it. Something to do with world religions, peace talks. So seminary/divinity school in a different direction. Not really sure what that job title is, or if there's even a job out there that fits that description, vague that it is.

So Plan B is go back to school. And some how I have to figure out what I want to major in. I love religion, political science, government, art history, wildlife biology, history, and about a hundred other things. But what do I do with that?? This YAGM program isn't so I can procrastinate on finding a major and going to school. If going to school is what God has planned for me, then I'll figure it out, I'm sure. But I really think that the program could help me as much as I could help it. Maybe I'll find my calling. Maybe I'll discover what I'm not meant to do (remember that three day stint as a baker?). That can be just as useful. So the next month and a half (or less) will determine if it's Plan A or Plan B. As usual, I'll keep you posted. And hooray for therapeutic writing. I'm glad this blog has readers, but man, you have no idea how much writing helps. Maybe that's Plan C. Write a book. On paper.

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