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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My mom sent me a very cool link from a blog: www.vanessachristenson.com. It's super awesome and you should check it out. I made these rockin' bracelets from her post at www.vanessachristenson.com/2011/03/v-and-co-how-to-jersey-knit-bracelet.html. So I'm going to attempt to put up some pictures (which I haven't done since the "Shark Attack" blog of August (which can be found under 2010, August on your right). I failed miserably at these bracelets at first. I had to start over roughly 9 times. Eventually I got it. Once I figured it out, I finished one in about 5 minutes. And here it is!

This is me with my super cool bracelet.

I had to go find about 2 yards of jersey fabric because the strips (this is just one strip of fabric!) have to be really long. I found mine for $1.97 a yard at Hancock Fabrics. I got grey and navy.

I know it looks kind of big, but I have the tiniest wrists in the world, so everything is giant on them. On you it will look totally cool. I promise.

It's an insane amount of fabric when you go to cut a little one inch wide strip and with four yards of fabric, I'm going to be making these things forever. So if you know me and want one, send me a comment, text, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, what have you and what color. I've already got a little pile going and I'm ready to give them away!

So on the last blog post on my checklist: I did go to the grocery store that day. So #9 is done. I also filed my state and federal taxes and payed my car tax- things that weren't on the list, but needed to be done anyway. I'm going to include bracelet making and other crafty activities under #1, with my quilt, so consider that a work in progress.

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