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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I was reading my friend Wesley's blog (she's an amazing writer- check it out at and she had posted a lot of poetry. If you know me, you know that I'm not too keen on poetry. But hers are great- my favorite was "Toast to the Dancing Man." Maybe I like it more because I know her and I can hear her reading these. But honestly, they're just GOOD. Go Wesley!

I have written poetry only on a few occasions. Most of them are when forced in grade school. There have been 2 occasions where I wrote something on my own, without goading from anyone else. One is little known and the other people have seen. Consider yourself lucky to read this- or perhaps I should congratulate myself on my bravery. The one others have seen:

Where Did All the Air Go?

my heart is caught in my mouth
and i'm choking on it
gasping for air
but you can't see it... or you just don't care

and i'm moving on and moving up
and joel said "movin' out"
my stomach stopped twisting
but the brain still churns and wonders

this isn't about you anymore
but about me
ambling and rambling and wondering where to go
for even the road less traveled
doesn't really exist
when I can't see any road at all

and I'm looking for Him and I've found Him
Mr. Right, Mr. Perfect
but can't you plainly see that I still
want something more for me.
not to fill a gap or fill my heart...
actually I don't know anymore

I don't even know where to start.

The one not many, if any, have seen:

Dang Poem

I rise
And the blissful state is gone
All I want to do is retreat back
Back under my protective shield
Into the depths
Into the darkness
Into a place without fear

The cold hits
And I am unprotected

I am alone

And the shitload hits
It’s me versus the world

You can’t do it
You can’t fight
You don’t have what it takes
No equipment
Even with assistance
Even with my allies

I take it on
It’s not my battle
It’s someone else’s problem

Yet here I am

Here I stand

And I realize

I’m fighting myself.

Both of these were written years ago, so bear that in mind. I can't believe I'm about to hit the publish button right now.

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