Accepting Plan B

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Okay, so a quick little short post before I get in the shower and go to work! To update: plan B has turned into plan A. Or maybe it hasn't turned into plan A, but it's the plan I'm going with. Is that better? Okay, okay, I'll back up. Plan A was going abroad on the YAGM trip. The lovely folks at the office nixed that one. So plan B was going back to school. I've been resisting that idea for so many reasons. First, I didn't like that it was plan B that I was stuck with and not plan A. I didn't want to accept that. I'm also questioning my judgement. Is this really the right time to go? I've thought that before and it didn't work. So forgive me if I feel hesitant about trying this again. I am worried that admissions people won't understand my kindergarden project of a transcript. How much explaining am I going to have to do? And you know that's my favorite thing. So yes, call me hesitant. But I've been looking into it. I really want to start school this fall, and as a transfer student, I have later deadlines- I have about a month to get everything in. I've already finished my Clemson application (save actually turning it in) and started USC. I might need to take some time off work and do actual visits to all of these places. Hopefully with them being a little emptied out for the summer, I can get in and get a good look around. I want to continue my religion degree- both USC and the College of Charleston offer Religious Studies programs and Clemson offers a degree similar to Queens- both religion and philosophy. All of these departments are insanely large compared to Queens. They probably have more than 6 students in the entire program! And more than three religion professors. Not that Queens was bad! Please don't take it as such. I love it. But going to schools with 15,000 to 45,000 students makes things a little different. So here I go, trying something new. Let's see how it works out.

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