Letter written to Friend-Hannah

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The world -creation- is totally amazing. The fact that God created all of this is absolutely astounding. I stand in awe.

The world around us always makes us pick sides. I hate that, I really do.
Democrat or Republican?
If you are Christian, are you Catholic or Protestant?
Hippie or conservative?
Beach or mountains?
Evolution or Creationism?
"If you're not for us, you're against us."
Pro-war or anti-war?
Pro-military or against it?

Well, I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm a moderate. I'm a Protestant, but I believe all denominations are just full of people searching for God in different ways. Does wanting to take care of the environment make me a hippie? I like the beach and the mountains. I'm against war and violence, but I support the military. I believe that science is a part of creation. I don't think you have to pick. I'm not sure how- big bang, 6 days, primordial ooze- but I think God created it. I think people get very wrapped up in choosing sides. Can't we accept that all things are part of the other?

I think science is people trying to figure out what we can't explain. And that's great! I love the thought that brain scans might be able to figure out what parts of my brain aren't working and/or are working at the wrong times. I read last night about the study of how genetics plays a role in determining the passing on of disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They're working on it in Maryland. And you know how important that is to me. I think anthropology is awesome. I am curious about where we [as a human race] came from. I know I believe in evolution on a small scale- we've (we as in humans) been studying certain animal and plant populations long enough to know that animals can adapt to changing environments. I am wary of evolution in the big picture- sure, partly because of religious reasons, but we also still don't know that much about it.

I live in a world of faith, but I'm surrounded by people who want proof. And that's a hard and fine line to tread. You know me and my faith. My faith is not blind, it's very active- a living part of me. But I'm also curious. You know that too. The curiosity manifests itself in different ways: reading, documentaries (hello Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, Blue Planet, Planet Earth), my love of religion- ALL religions. I don't turn away from what I don't know- I figure out why. You can be curious and religious. I hate being penned in a religious box [of what other people think all religious people are like- especially vocal ones like me!]. It gets my goat... I guess that's my answer to the creationism vs. science debate. That there shouldn't be a debate at all! :)

**Thanks Hannah for letting me share!

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