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Sunday, May 15, 2011

1. Still haven't heard back on applications.
a. Queens acknowledged that my transcript was sent to both schools, Clemson agreed, C of C is silent. Still no word on Trident transcript or HS transcript.
b. I did get confirmation that my AP scores were sent. Assuming that my SAT scores are there. Isn't that what the $29.50 rush was for?
c. I'm trying not to be overly anxious. Patience, Lauren, patience.
2. Found a place to sleep in Glasgow, still hunting for lodgings in Edinburgh. I must make reservations soon or I'm not going to have a place to sleep. Please let me find one soon! I'm just too frugal to pay more than 20 pounds a night for a bed, haha.
3. Wesley, I have finally started East of Eden. I'll let you know when I have finally finished it. 595 pages left to go.
4. I am perfecting my ability to hold vast quantities of dirty dishes and talk to the residents at my job (server at a retirement community, remember) about my trip to Scotland and future plans for school. Why do they always ask the questions after I've cleared the plates and am holding dirty dishes for at least three people in my hands and lined up my arm? Today I covered - in one conversation with plates (not conversing with plates, with the residents. . . I'm not crazy)- not getting into YAGM, then my trip to Scotland in 3 weeks and 3 days and why I'm going and what I'm doing when I get there and where I'm staying and what I'm eating and why on earth I'm traveling by myself and then will I be coming back to work and then will I go to school and where am I going to school and why I haven't heard back yet. We cover a lot of ground.
5. The music department at Barnes and Noble is music no more. It is over-run with dvds and the little music selection that is left looks like someone took crack and then "organized" it. Since when is Shakira jazz? There is no place left to buy good music in Mt. Pleasant anymore. Sad day. And yeah, I like having an actual cd to put in my car, with a cover and art and paper and stuff. Call me retro in your MP3 age.
6. I'm going to make a post that is my playlist from the last few days. I know you're just dying to know what I'm grooving to when I write these things. Speaking of that:
7. My new favorite dance-around-and-lip-sync-in-your-underwear-song is "Paris (Ooh La La)" by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. A most excellent band and I am thoroughly enjoying their new self-titled CD.
8. Confession- when I was younger and listened to the radio and heard them talk about a band's "self-titled" album, I didn't get that the title of the CD was the band name. I just thought someone gave them permission to name their own cd. Which I thought was very controlling of the producers otherwise.
9. This turned into another one of my lists. Sorry. I'll go now. Just one last thing:

"Mindless graffiti takes some form of thought." Thank you, public restroom in Black Mountain, NC for that insightful wisdom.

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