Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, 2011

For the commanders who saw the big picture in wars and
for the soldiers who carried out smaller missions
to make up that big picture
This is for you.

For the honored fallen,
the recognized and
the unknown,
This is for you.

For the people who fought and enlisted
in wars civilians supported
and those we protested,
This is for you.

You purposefully chose one of the most
dangerous, brave, challenged, and
honorable professions-
and then you gave your life to it.

Memorial day is a nice treat. It's a bonus Monday off for most, a chance for furniture sales, retail deals and extravaganzas. But today I'm thinking about the people who gave their lives so that we can live our lives today. Furniture deals and all. And so it goes. They're not here to hear my thank you or see their grandkids or spouses. I'm thankful for what they gave. This ended up being less eloquent than I imagined, but all I really want to say is- I remember you and I'm more thankful for your service than you will ever know.

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