To Scotland! In a few days, anyway.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm so ready to leave. I've had my travel wallet and back pack out for a month. I've slowly been accumulating the necessary toiletries that I can fit into my quart size ziplock (basically what do I need to have for up to three days until I buy my toiletries in Scotland?). I have found these very interesting combo detergent/dryer sheet/fabric softener sheets that you can throw in the wash and then in the dryer- no need for tiny travel size packets of Tide! It's not a liquid either- so in these paranoid days that liquids could be combustible or something, I don't have to worry about that. I've got my converter/adapter kit so I can charge my iPod touch and therefore keep up with my blog, listen to my groovy tunes and send my parents reassuring emails telling them I have not been kidnapped and reassure Thomas that I haven't run off with a yak farmer. For three weeks I'm taking 2 pairs of jeans, one dress, one skirt, and 1 pair of grey hiking pants that are a marvel of modern technology- waterproof, windproof, quick dry if they happen to get wet, moisture wicking on the inside, secret pockets and a material that doesn't wrinkle. And they pack super tiny. Three pairs of shoes- hiking boots, Toms, and a pair of flat sandals. Both the Toms and sandals (haven't picked a pair from my closet yet) will pack completely flat and be light. Boots I wear on the plane. 1 thin cardigan, a rain jacket (completely necessary item), a pullover that's another marvel of technology in how thin and warm it is, an assortment of socks and undergarments, some shirts- and for clothes I think that's about it. Maybe some sort of jacket in addition to my pullover. But trying to pack both light and warm for the cooler nights will prove to be difficult. That and three weeks is hard too. What am I not going to hate that I have to wear for three weeks? Haha, more important considerations. I have a pile outside of my door that I keep adding to and taking away from when I reconsider my options. Eventually (the day I fly) I'm just going to have to say screw it, and go with whatever is in the bag. They have stores there, or so I've heard. I'm just ready to go. By the way, you've been terrible readers as far as the whole helping me find cool places to go thing. Thanks guys. Just leaving me to fend for myself here. I see how it is.
Just kidding.
I'll keep you updated on my comings and goings- even if it is just a packing list.

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