And I'm here!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

i made it! i am also typing on a funny uk keyboard so forgive me if i do not use capitals in this post. well. i have made it to glasgow and am staying in an apartment with one of natalie's friends for the night. she has a washer in her kitchen. but she has been completely wonderful. she picked me up from the train station and arranged a bed and necessities for me. she even cooked me dinner! amazing. i'm exhausted. i'm doing my best to stay awake but i did succumb to the exhaustion and take a 3 hour nap. it's about 7:52 pm here so i just need to go another 2 or 3 hours and then i can fall back into that super warm bed. the temperature change here is a little... extreme! 90 when i left charleston to 54 here. and i'm cold-natured so that's been a bit of an adjustment- wearing jeans, boots, jackets and pullovers in june! it seems a welcome change for now from the intense summer heat, but i'm sure in a few days, i'll be waiting for it to warm up again. i'm off to oban tomorrow (the town on the western coast where) i'll take the ferry to mull, then a bus to fionnphort then a ferry to iona and then a long walk down to where i'm staying that night. so glad to have a respite here. the traveling should be rather interesting- considering i'm not used to the whole train thing. it's all very clever and automated which means that unclever people put the tickets in wrong and get them stuck (me). the train ride tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, but today it was about half urban sprawl at city edges and then half pastures. i saw my first scottish sheep! but no highland cows/yaks so far. it drizzled a bit in edinburgh, but mostly cloudy and dry skies here with a little bit of blue. that's pretty much all i've got for now, but i'm sure i'll have more adventures soon to tell you all about. like today (just now thought of this) when i got grilled by customs as to what i was doing in scotland (pleasure, dude), where i was studying back home (i just said clemson, in the hopes that i'm getting accepted and i just didn't think he needed to hear my transferring story or anything else), why i was visiting my friend (ummm, let's see... because she's my friend!!!), what i was studying (religion, what's it to you?) and how long i was going to be here (i had to fill out that card that tells you everything you just asked me - occupation, contact, location, visiting, and yeah THE EXACT LENGTH OF MY STAY). do they do it just to be funny? get bored that easily? because seriously, why do you care? so with a violent stamp of my flight card and an even more violent and vehement stamp of my passport, i was admitted to scotland. let the adventures begin.

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