Home is surreal

Thursday, June 30, 2011

(Wrote this yesterday, but then there was a computer glitch) I am finally back home. Today has been the longest day.... ever. I've been awake for about 22 hours now. I know I shouldn't be up, but I just had to see how some of my pictures turned out- AMAZING. Love it. Can't wait to post about a million on this blog. I know I promised that I would keep you up to date day by day, but the internet was unreliable at best and typing my day out on an iPod turned out to be an idealistic fantasy. I'll work it out the next time I leave the country. BUT I did keep a pretty thorough journal and I will post a day or two each day and then try and map out the corresponding pictures for each day. I think that's the best way to go about it. That way you, dear readers, friends, and family, are not overwhelmed by the massive amount of images and I am left to do a little editing. You may not find the grate on the floor of the Glasgow cathedral to be as interesting a study in geometric patterns as I did. I also am horrible at taking pictures. Well, not so horrible, but the number of functions on a camera is a bit overwhelming. It took me a while to get things figured out (borrowed my dad's camera), but eventually I got some spectacular shots and I think you'll enjoy them. I should really get some rest now. But I'll leave you with a good shot of Mull. And if you click on it, you can make it really big!


  1. I think you have underestimated your photographic abilities. SW

  2. It's easy to take great pictures when the scenery is really the amazing part. But thanks for the compliment. :) -Lauren