Sittin' pretty in Glasgow

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Okay so internet in Scotland is more difficult to come by than expected. That, and typing on a miniature keyboard on my tiny iPod is not the ideal way to keep up with a blog. That being said, I clearly have managed to get the Internet in my room here and so the blogging commences. SO YAY! Happy 100th post to me! How fun that it should be in Scotland! When I get back to the states and have my lovely full size computer, then you shall have pictures. I've been keeping a journal of the things I've been doing every day- which is really impressive for me because I stink at journaling. I shall then relate my journal entries to the blog and add the photos of the day. I may be able to start some of the writing now that I've finally got the Internet to work. It's raining even harder now. I looked like a drowned rat when I got in. I wanted to stay out longer but I was getting soaked and turned around and about 4:30 called it a day. I started out by waking up at 8 (I know! Me! Up at 8? It's true.) Caught a cab to the Glasgow school of art and was just blown away. They don't allow photography so you'll have to look it up on the web. Especially search for pictures of the library. I made a friend in my tour group and we had lunch at the Willow Tea Rooms. Another thing to look up. French toast and bacon and tea for only £5! So delicious and beautiful surroundings. Then I just wandered in and out of places until I got too wet for comfort. And now my index finger is a wee bit tired so I think it's time for me to go. Love from Scotland, Lauren

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  1. So glad you kept a journal. So much happening at once. Makes my heart sing that you are so HAPPY!