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Monday, July 18, 2011

So I knew I was going to major in Philosophy because Clemson doesn't have a religion major and I was required to choose something on my application. Due to a whole mix up of credits and transferring and choosing classes and a zillion annoyances and just PHAFF, my History minor actually ended up having no credits. So I pretty much had to pick a new minor from scratch. And for once, I remembered and listened to all of those annoying people who go "What are you going to do with a major in Religion/Philosophy?" (insert whiney voice here). Ugh. I detest that question. Soooo, I'm majoring in Philosophy, with an emphasis in Religious Studies and a minor in Global Politics focusing on International Relations. Heck YES I finally decided. I thought the Global Politics/international Relations thing would be a good call if I want to work for a non-profit. There is also a non-profit leadership class that I can take, so I can finally tell the annoying people to hush and hopefully I'll graduate with some marketable skills in leadership and show people that yes, Religion is applicable to current events and, you know, LIFE. Throw in a little politics and understanding of countries in crisis and whoowhee, what do you know, it actually makes sense to major in things that people deal with day to day- like living under government or living without a government in a war zone or dealing with religions that aren't your own or things that cause friction. And then I can help people to understand conflict, resolve it and we can all live happily ever after. Okay, that may take a while, but at least I can get the why-be-a-liberal-arts-major people off my back. And if my previous explanation doesn't hold, I'll just tell them that I really suck at math and they probably don't want me switching to Engineering, lest I cause the building to collapse. Thomas can vouch for me. He does all of that getting nuclear reactors to run submarines and I do the whole, hey let's not actually end up using nuclear warheads. It works for us.

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  1. tell them you do not plan on running about in a toga the Univ of VA office of career planning and placement reports that the average Law School Admission tests score for philosophy majors was 15 pts higher than other majors The AMA reports that philosophy majors have the highest acceptance rate into American med schools tell them "I think therefore I earn" SW