The end of July

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whenever July ends, I always feel like summer is coming to an end. School - elementary school, middle school, high school, college - always started in August so you knew that in a few short weeks you'd hit the books again and life would be normal. School ended in June and started in August (at least in my county), so you'd have 2 and a half months, but that meant the rest of the time you were always in school. So counting down the days in August was easy. Date of school minus today's date equaled the amount of freedom you had left. So now I have my three weeks left of summer and to Clemson on the 19th! I can't believe everything that's happened in the past year- a year of stable meds, a job I was good at, the trip of a lifetime to Scotland, a year older, a few years of wisdom, more patience than I desired, and both bad luck and good blessings. So when a new school year starts, let us hope for the beginning of a new school to end my degree, a continuation of the great relationship I'm in, a better relationship with God, new experiences and a new way to utilize everything I've learned this past year. I'll drink to that.

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