Friday, June 10, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazyness that is the journey to Camas/Iona!
1. Drive to train station.
2. Buy ticket to Oban (last city before you just fall off the mainland).
3. Get ticket stuck in ticket machine that is super simple for everyone else where I just look confused and send a pleading look to a station worker who kindly pulls it out and sends me on my way.
4. Amazing but long journey to Oban- 4 hours. Picture of my first encounter with the very popular blackcurrant flavor that is very popular in Scotland. Kind of like a grape flavor. They have eyes in the picture, but probably not in real life.

5. Cross the street to ferry from Oban to Craignure (town in Oban the ferry drops off at). This is Oban:

6. Buy ticket.
7. Sit outside on ferry, get cold, man smokes nearby, move inside, wait 45 minutes. View from ferry, looking away from Oban towards Mull:

Me on ferry. Thanks Phoebe for the hat! I got so many compliments- everyone was very impressed with your mad awesome knitting skills- and I wore it pretty much the entire time I was on Mull. Coolest hat I own. Very warm.

8. Arrive in Craignure to find that the bus isn't there yet.
9. Giant bus that finally arrives whizzes me off to the other side of Mull (Fionnphort) for an hour long trip that really should have taken longer. Crazy driver. Insane large bus on one lane road (horrific- thank goodness I have a strong stomach and learned early on to look out the side windows- NEVER LOOK AHEAD)
10. Arrive in Fionnphort to catch another ferry to Iona.
11. See Natalie!!! Day of travels ends. Exhausted. Happy.

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