Monday, June 13, 2011- Camas

Thursday, July 21, 2011

List of things that happened that day (must have been in some sort of hurry)
-Breakfast followed by a reflection wherein Hamish led us in a spitting brushing of teeth- Camas style. You had to have been there to witness 15 people brush their teeth on the lawn and spew it out towards the ocean. Don't think I'll ever forget that.
-Wheelbarrow repair, the side business of Mull garages apparently. Pushed a very sad wheelbarrow named Fred, and then proceeded to sit around while Rob and Nat repaired bikes. I have no skill in building bikes. Or wheelbarrows.
-First shower since Iona on Friday. Not a popular pastime at Camas and you don't really notice until things get really bad when you're outdoors that much. Water only came in 15 second intervals, but was deliciously warm.
-Hike down the track to the road to catch the bus to Fionnphort to the ferry to Iona, bus was late, road maintenance caused bus to stop after .5 mile (that's what you get when you build a one lane road), so Natalie and I walked the rest of the way (2 Miles) got to the ferry before the bus did.
-[by the way, Nat and Natalie are the same person]
-Hung out at Margaret's, checked email, delicious dinner of fish and chips fresh from the pub
-Watched "Vicar of Dibley" with Sarah and Toben and loved it. [Since have found out you cannot get the "vicar of Dibley" in the states. Sad day.
-Bought Natalie new GoreTex trainers.
-Wandered around with Nat and then went to a lovely service in the abbey where I was blown away with Tom's playing and Margaret's singing and playing. She has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard.
-Awesome and hilarious jam session until 12 am with Margaret, Tom, and Natalie in the music loft in the abbey. So much fun and laughter and jumbling up words of Mumford and Sons songs, but very emphatic playing.
-Hot chocolate, then sleep in the hobbit hole.

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