Sunday, June 12, 2011- Camas

Monday, July 18, 2011

[By the way, to view all of these small pictures much larger and as they should be viewed, just clicking on them makes them REALLY big.]

Minus the beginning, today was exactly how a Sunday was supposed to have been spent. I woke with a nasty headache, but after some medicine and a few hours sleep, I was fine. Breakfast was two banana nut muffins- OH MY GOODNESS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! Then two hours weeding the garden with Natalie and lunch. Not much of a soup or stew person,but with this vegetarian diet, I guess I will be come Friday. However, they do have this delightful cheddar that if you put in on anything, it tastes good. By the way, this is Natalie:

Then I went for a walk, turned into a hike for several hours with Liam, another guest who is studying in Edinburgh. This is Liam on our walk/hike:

This is a view across the inlet, kind of at the end of it:

And this is the end of the inlet that ends in a surprise sheep pasture. It's a surprise for two reasons. One is that you can't see it from Camas, the other is that SURPRISE! You have poo on your shoe.

Looking out towards the sea from the end of Camas Inlet (or whatever the real name is):

It was a gloriously sunny day and a bit boggy, but after a few days of sun, mostly dry. Then we followed sheep paths up and down hills to the top of the quarry. Here are the sheep in a dramatic pose atop a cliff:

And here is the (formerly used) quarry:

Looking down on the sea and rappelling stuff:

It was a marvelous day and I took tons of pictures. I just can't get over the scenery. It's so different and absolutely breathtaking. I spent a while talking to my parents and then surprised Thomas with a call. I missed his voice. I keep wanting to show him things or hear his laugh. Talking to my parents was lovely as well. I'm so blessed to have all of these people in my life. I miss them. A delicious dinner of pasta salad (SO MUCH PASTA SALAD!) and a lovely reflection by Maddie. Then an evening of Uno with Kieran, Rob, and Faith. And the ever-wonderful John Stienbeck's "East of Eden."

This is Faith on the left and Natalie making the phaffy pasta salad that was being very difficult and flavorless and then was delightfully delicious!

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