Tuesday, June 14, 2011- Camas

Thursday, July 28, 2011

-Slept in until the late morning in the "princess" bed in the Hobbit hole. Very comfortable and a tea room brunch with a pot of Earl Gray and a cheese sandwich.

Garden behind the tea room:

-Wandered around the Abbey, Nunnery, Island, and all of the shops and had a completely lovely late morning and afternoon.
The Abbey:

The graveyard by St. Oran's chapel. Supposedly Duncan and Macbeth are buried here...

The cloisters in the Abbey:

Hallway in the Cloisters. The stones on the wall are grave slabs that went on top of graves. Many of them were for the monks. When the abbey was undergoing renovations, some graves had to be moved, so the monks were re-buried and their slabs were put on the walls:

The ruins of the Nunnery:

-Took the ferry back to Fionnphort at 3, then walked the 4 miles back to Camas. Tired.

-Shower, snack with Faith and Rob, reading East of Eden until dinner. Beans, baked potatoes and that green and lemon tea I have come to like so much.
-By the way, unlike some people, I will never eat my baked beans on top of my baked potato. Partially because the UK version of baked beans are inferior (sorry) to the more delicious, tangy and sweet American counterpart. That's just fact.

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