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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Okay, so did you see that game between Clemson and Auburn?!?!?!? It was awesome. Beyond awesome. Other than my sunburnt nose and arms, that was the best game that I have ever been to. I actually like football. Did you ever think you would hear me say that? I didn't. I am talking about American football, by the way. Clemson won, 38-24 and played really well. I got to see my family and Benjamin and Hannah also came up with their new family- three Angora rabbits. They are adorable and little puff balls that are sooo soft. I also got a new GPS from my fabulous parents (my old one was less than accurate and... old).

Back in March I wrote a list of things I wanted to do. Let's see if any of those things have happened:
1. Finish my quilt. Well, that hasn't happened yet. However, it is sitting under my bed here at school and that's a start.
2. Compile a list of the majors offered at Clemson, USC, and the College of Charleston and slowly circle the ones that sound interesting and cross off the ones that in no way shape or form will I ever be interested in. Well, I got into Clemson and have decided on a major in Philosophy and Religious Studies with an emphasis in Global Politics/International Relations. And I'm quite happy with it. Check.
3. Write enough postcards to PostSecret to get them published. It hasn't happened yet, but I am writing them.
4. Tell people that I love what I really think of them. Which is how awesome they are. Almost done with that one.
5. Clean out my computer. Check!
6. Listen to all of the music on my iTunes and throw out the junk and enjoy the things I forgot I had. Then make really fun mix cds and send them to all my friends. Check!
7. Read the entire Bible- every line. I have the time. We all have the time. Not yet. But I am working on it!
8. I will attempt to read "the classics" and try and understand why they're called classics. After all, Mark Twain said that "A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read." I have read several. It's an ongoing thing, but a check never the less. Check.
9. Go to the grocery store. Yeah, definitely been there several times since March. Check.

So 5 out of 9 large things on my list have been done. That's pretty good for about 7 months. So I'm going to add another 5 things to replace those that I have done.

1. Give this semester all that I have. The last week has been particularly difficult and I've really been struggling with my Bipolar Disorder more than other times. But this time around, I am aware of the struggle. That makes it harder, but it also makes it safer. If I am aware and I'm letting my friends and family know, then I've got a fighting chance. I'm trying not to let my shame get in the way.
2. Make my bike up the hill to my house. It's a really really really steep Lance-Armstrong-Tour-de-France kind of a hill and I want to ride it up, not walk it up. It's a steep hill. You can feel the car shifting gears. Clemson is very hilly.
3. Do the extra credit and extra reading. I know I feel crazy for adding more work to my load, but if that means writing better papers and really learning the material, then why should I disregard that?
4. Remember to do one thing I enjoy every day. Take my own wisdom.
5. Be braver.

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