Don't shut Him out

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes it's hard intentionally coming up with things. I was writing a letter to a friend when I told her about something that I think works for everyone. So here it is (with a few additions at the end): We do trust in God. But with God, would you rather he hand everything to you? No. That's not a relationship. You wouldn't feel anything towards Him. But you and me- we get angry with Him, we celebrate Him, we laugh with Him when we look at giraffes, we get pissed with Him when the diagnosis is Bipolar, we rejoice with Him at Easter and Christmas. We have a life because of Him. It may not always be great, but it's REAL. And isn't that what you want from God? Honesty? Reality? I think so. I think He knows that too. So laugh and get pissed. Just don't shut him out. Once you shut him out, then there's no relationship. Not even a tense one. Life is full of things that make us happy, sad, dejected, elated, and enthralled. Sometimes, often times, it hurts to feel those things. But we push and we persevere. With God something is better than nothing. It may not be poetic, but it's true. After periods of time where it feels like you're looking at life through wax paper, then He shows you glass, then times where the window is open- and you're left to fly.

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