Have you ever tried planning a wedding...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

In two and a half months? I don't recommend it. It takes a lot out of you. I've stayed in my room all day so I can have a "personal day." I should probably back up and explain why I'm getting married in 2 months. And no, it's not because I'm pregnant. I'm not! (silly people)

Okay so you know how my fiance Thomas is super awesome and very smart and such? Probably not, unless you actually know him. Well he is. He's in the nuke program in the US Navy and he's graduating Friday. He's #1 in his class. I know, whooooo yay hurrah, etc etc etc. He graduates Friday but finished around Thanksgiving- very fast. We thought that would be awesome of him because we wanted him to get staff pick-up (SPU) and stay in Charleston for another 2.5 years. Well, I didn't remember this one other group of people- the Engineering Laboratory Technicians (ELT). Apparently both the ELTs and SPUs wanted Thomas and the ELTs won. So Thomas goes to ELT school after Christmas. What does all of this gibberish mean? Thomas's only guarantee is that he'll be in the Charleston area through March. So it was either postpone planning it or setting a date, or be crazy insane and try and plan it in 3 months. Guess which option the insane people chose? Yeah. We're getting married February 11, 2012.

Cons to planning a wedding this fast: There's not a lot of time to do the things you want. Decisions have to be made super fast with very little down time. I have to skip over some details that I wish I had more time to do. Like make save-the-dates. A lot of things are strictly out of the realm of possibility to achieve.

Pros to planning a wedding this fast: We get married faster. In 2 months and one day, it will all be over. By having to make decisions faster, I can't agonize over them. Planning a wedding in the off-season makes availability greater and prices better. Things really seem to be falling into place. God has helped us out in some major ways- I'm finding great deals and things that take forever for some took once for me. I found a dress the first place I looked. The only problem is that my mom wasn't there. But she has since seen the $80 dress (no lie), and she loves it on me. I'm also sliding in under budget for so many things.

Except for food, good grief it is expensive to feed people.

I found my dress, my shoes are here, the church and reception area are booked, printed invites and the coolest RSVP cards ever yesterday. The wedding party is finalized, all the bridesmaids have their dresses. I have Thomas's ring. He has his suit, shirt, tie and he's getting new shoes soon. He's looked into the marriage license. The wedding website is done. I have about 2000 more things to do, but for today, I am trying to keep myself from becoming one of those brides. I'm going to go shower in a bit and then start addressing piles of invitations. I am fighting the urge to put up pictures as I do all of this. I want it to be fun for all as we go along, so only verbal updates here. Sorry!

I promise to try and post more often, but I am very busy with all of this!! Perhaps I'll put up more pictures of Scotland in the meantime. Hope you are all doing well. Much love!


  1. This is what I tell everyone in pre-marital counseling sessions - concentrate more energy on the marriage than you do the wedding. I know it's easy to get caught up in the details of this day, but this is only the beginning.

  2. I know- Pr. Matt reminds us of that in our pre-marital counseling. We are so happy about the wedding part. But much happier with the marriage. We knew before we got engaged that the question wasn't are we ready to plan a wedding, but are we ready to be married? That was decided before the ring.