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Thursday, December 15, 2011

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how... we guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark. -Agnes de Mille

To achieve, you need thought. You have to know what you are doing and that's real power.- Ayn Rand

‎"God does not deny to anyone the grace of prayer, with which one obtains the help to overcome every concupiscence and every temptation. And I say, and repeat and will always repeat, for my entire life, that the whole of our salvation rests on prayer." 
-St. Alphonsus Liguori

Kindness is not an illusion and violence is not a rule. The true resting state of human affairs is not represented by a man hacking his neighbor into pieces with a machete. That is a sick aberration. No, the true state of affairs is life as it ought to be lived. –Paul Rusesabagina An Ordinary Man

Do not be angry or upset/dissapointed. It takes up a lot of energy that can be spent loving people. It is what you have to do, even when it hard...especially when it is hard. You are a great friend, I am proud of you, and I love you. -One of my best friends

We need to quit being so concerned about what others are doing to us and become more concerned with what they are doing to themselves by the way they are treating us. –Joyce Meyer

Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal, eloquence and learning. -Fredrick W. Faber

The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you say to someone else when you’re uncool. –(Phillip Seymour Hoffman) Almost Famous

Dwell in possibility. -Emily Dickinson

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