One of my BIGGEST pet peeves- EVER.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Here's a small reminder for this holiday season. We are in Advent. Advent lasts through December 24, also known as Christmas Eve. December 25 is the FIRST day of Christmas (re: partridge in a pear tree). Christmas is 12 days. That means that it goes all the way through January 5. January 6 is Epiphany. That lasts until February 20 something or another. Basically, I deplore "Christmas" music that is played during Advent and hate that it doesn't start at Christmas and then continue for 12 days. Stupid consumerism. Christmas should not start before my birthday (re: still in Pentecost). Christmas is not here yet.

I'm sorry, but this gets me every year. Every year I refuse to listen to Christmas music on the radio UNTIL Christmas Eve as I'm driving to church. Then I let it sink in a bit. However, there is little that is more fun than celebrating the 12 days of Christmas whilst the retailers are not (re: post christmas sales). Still, seriously, look at the church calendar, also known as the liturgical year. I know retailers are all ho-ho-ho-let-me-sell-you-this-sweater and the music is catchy (re: Feliz Navidad- how many times has that one got stuck in your head yet?), but it's not Christmas. Not yet. Then they cut it short. And everyone is back to work and back to school before the holiday is even over.

One day, one year, I am going to celebrate all 12 days of Christmas. You know, what, I'll do it this year! (re: 2011) Why not? Sure, presents on the first. But let's take the time to remember (re: if you are of the Christian persuasion, if you are not, Jesus is a swell guy) that Christmas is 12 days. 12 days of "Merry Christmas" and then you get the funny looks like Hey-man-Christmas-is-over and you will say: NO! (re: still smile, you don't want them to think you're being belligerent on account of some leftover egg nog) It's Christmas day number... insert Christmas day here. AND I THOUGHT OF SOMETHING ELSE. We will celebrate it on this blog. It will be a surprise as to how we celebrate each day, but you will just have to check back every single day to see what surprise it might be!!!

It's going to be awesome. You've never been so excited for 12 whole days of Christmas. Even if you are back to school. Even if you are pencil pushing. Check this blog. Christmas just got even more mind-blowing. Jaw-dropping. (re: Jesus is still more awesome, and more of everything I just used to describe what this blog will be. Dude, this is just a blog. Jesus is... JESUS.) We will talk more about Jesus and God and we will do it within the parameters of the church calendar!

I'm talking about the general church lectionary, only the Catholics probably don't celebrate Reformation day like we Lutherans do... actually, that's probably a bit of a sore subject with the Papacy, which is a terrible shame considering Luther wrote a lot of great songs. Go to a church with a BIG HONKIN ORGAN and sing "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" and you'll wish you were there in the 16th century. Powerful stuff. Reformation day is great. (which was not an intended subject for this blog post) Annnnnyway. Advent now. Then Christmas. (then maybe I'll talk about reformation day. Also part of one of my favorite periods in HISTORY).

So, to sum up: no Christmas music in Advent, pet peeve, Christmas is 12 days not one, Lauren LOVES Reformation Day, Jesus is awesome, Christmas surprise teaser.

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