The life and times of Moby

Sunday, January 15, 2012

These are mostly from my Facebook page and posted here with a few additions.

Day 1 with Moby- See blog post below.

Day 2 with Moby- does not like to be left alone. Rephrase: does not like to be left alone in the crate. Left to his own devices= Moby's idea of AWESOMEICANCHEWONEVERYTHINGNOMNOMNOM!!! No way that's gonna happen. Vet tomorrow.

Day 3 with Moby- Went to the vet and he said that Moby would be 60 pounds. HA! I laughed to his face and showed him Moby's ginormous paws. He changed his mind and went up to 80+. Closer. Also said Moby was super healthy and I was doing everything right! Peed on the floor, destroyed toy duck, tried to play bite everything in sight- including Stella's head (that didn't go over well), was complimented by three people, and totally stole my heart again. I swear, if a human ever did those things, I would have them committed.

Day 4 with Moby- He learned that if I throw something and he retrieves it but doesn't bring it back, I cannot throw it again. I learned that toddlers topple with leaping labradors (non-alliteration: child that is Moby-sized does not want to be jumped on by my child-sized Moby). Lesson learned.
On Facebook to Thomas: I think if you come over, Moby might not remember you. I warned you at the SPCA that it might happen. It did. Moby loves me best. Just giving you a head's up that even though we're getting married a month from today, another male is trying to woo me. Even if he did pee on the floor, he's still kinda cute.

Day 5 with Moby- He cannot bark himself hoarse. He can however, bark himself into a state of exhaustion and I am enjoying the silence immensely.

Day 6 with Moby- Was in Kamikazi fighter pilot mode all day- never stopped until he crashed into something, like the wall, the bookcase, people, and Stella.

Day 7 with Moby- I got a bad cold and was exhausted all day. Thankfully Thomas, Benjamin, my dad, and Hannah were all there to rescue me and play with Moby for hours on end, wearing him out and letting me get some much needed rest.

So the first week with Moby was certainly interesting. For being five months old, he's a very good dog. He just needs a lot of time spent with him to wear himself out. He makes me laugh and makes me furious all in the same day. He peed on the rug this morning- THAT was fun. But no one is downstairs now and he's not barking. That's a lot to learn in 7 days. I have complete faith that Moby will turn out to be an awesome dog- with lots of training and love.

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