SOPA and PIPA (might) rock the web (in a bad way)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sooo, anyone hear about SOPA? How about PIPA? No, Not Pippa Middleton. This PIPA is in Congress. In the States. And it's gonna tear the hell out of the web if it passes. I know I have readers from all over the world, but take note of this regardless of your country. I could write something to explain it, but I would be severely plagiarizing this article from ABC News (and that would be ironic):

Check out that article. And then see if it doesn't scare you. If that passes- and there is a possibility that it might, then the internet as we know it, especially in America, will be a thing of the past. Wikipedia is shutting down tomorrow (January 18), in strike of these bills to "protect intellectual property." I know the article is 3 pages, but READ IT please. It's a succinct way to figure this out. If these bills become laws, freedom of speech will be severely hampered, possibly bringing down sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, even portions of Google. There's a lot of heavily-funded backing to these bills, but there is a movement in the web. Try going to the English Wikipedia tomorrow- try going in 4 minutes. Wikipedia is blacking out in protest. I'm protesting too. I'm not blacking out, I'm encouraging you to read that article and then dig deeper into SOPA and PIPA and find out how it could effect you. They could shut down sites as tiny as this blog. They could tie up all kinds of things. Due process and freedom of speech would be hampered, to say the least. So speak up and speak out against SOPA and PIPA.

I don't want to shut up. Do you?

In news: Wikipedia is BLACK. Black as my puppy Moby, who, as I looked up minutes before Wikipedia went dark, is most likely half pointer. Thanks Wikipedia. May you forever be online and uncensored (come midnight tomorrow).

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  1. I wrote to one of my senators! Here's my comment. Go to today, type in your zip code and they'll give you a list of your senators and representatives. You can simply email them. The following is what I wrote to Senator Graham and maybe it will inspire you to write.
    Senator Graham-
    I am hoping that you are going to oppose the SOPA and PIPA bills. I am a young woman with a blog. I started it two years ago to share thoughts on my faith and my life- everything from crafts to living with Bipolar Disorder. SOPA and PIPA could easily deprive millions of Americans the chance to create change- even in a small way, like I do with my blog. The beauty of freedom of speech is that I don't have to run my ideas by anyone. I can freely say that America is great. Or that I really like peas. Or that I don't like... and fill in the blank. But the thought that someone could simply enter in my IP address and block the few hundred people who see my blog from seeing it seems rather extreme, in a country of freedoms. Protecting intellectual property is a lofty goal- and one we should strive for, but there are not enough checks in place to make sure that my post on living with Bipolar Disorder or about my upcoming marriage to my fiance in the Navy is secure and that someone pirating the newest blockbuster might get away with it. We're not in the same category, so please don't make all of us who use the internet as another great freedom of expression be subjected to something without due process or even common sense. I just want to speak freely. I don't want to steal anyone's ideas. I just want to share my thoughts and let my readers do the same. Support the freedom of speech as well as the right to intellectual property by rejecting PIPA and SOPA and creating a better bill that narrows the parameters and authority. Don't pass a bill so open ended that it could strangle our freedoms. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Mt. Pleasant, SC