The times, they are a changin'

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In less than 2 hours, January will be over. Then comes February, the biggest month of my life. I'm nervous. There's a lot on my plate right now. I'm finishing 500 little tiny wedding details. I'm training my growing puppy Moby- who in 3 weeks has surpassed Stella (my lab) in height. I'm getting married. After the wedding I'm starting the very controversial Acutane... hopefully to rid my face of the acne I hate so much forever. I'm changing my last name after the wedding. I'm moving out of my parents house (which I still feel rather in the middle of, boxes everywhere). I'll be living in a new county with a new husband and just a few weeks after that, we're going to find out if we'll be moving in April or staying in Charleston for another two years. A lot is going to happen in February and March. I'm really excited, but really nervous too.

I'm ready to find a job. I want to find something I like doing and contribute. I'm continually inspired by art that I find out and about and see online, and I keep thinking "I can do that!" So I want to try something creative in the weeks where I won't know where I'll be living. I also want to try and write more. So the question to you is: what do you want to read about? You provide the fuel for me to keep writing, and I want to know what you want to read. What do you most hope to see when you pick this out of your bookmarks, Google it, or type in this address? Do you want to read about bipolar issues? Political issues? A craft that I did? Wedding details? Moby? What makes you escape your life, assist your life, or just enjoy time spent here? Let me know and I'll work on it!

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