Moby Update!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Can't remember the last time I posted about my lovable dog, so here you go.

1. Moby is huge. But he's tall huge, not very big around. He's rather skinny actually, very lanky, enormous paws, and giant ears- see below. We think he's about 60-65 pounds. We did have to get him a bigger crate because I think he grows taller every day. He can, however, curl up into a very cute little ball when he's ready to sleep. But in the picture above, he couldn't understand why I was gardening on the porch and he was in his crate. He gave me the "why? why do you do this to me?" look. 

2. He has more personality than several people I know! He makes just as many facial expressions. He's almost 8 months old and is in the curious and playful stage. He is high energy and very smart- a dangerous combination on some days when we don't have the energy to go back into him! He loves curling up on his mat, but lately he climbs behind us on the couch while we work on the computer. He's not allowed on the couch, but he gets away with it by simply acting like he is. He doesn't hesitate, he just comes over, adjusts the blanket and hops on and curls up. We just don't really know what to say. He just acts like he owns the place. Like I said, personality.

3.  His intensive chewing and nibbling has worn off a bit now that he has all of his adult teeth, but he destroys almost anything. The blue ball shown in the pictures is now dead (one of the greatest toys ever- it lasted so long). He pulls the fuzz off of tennis balls, so those are a no-go, any lightweight rubbery material is probably not a good idea (ie, cheap dog toys), the rope toys are okay but you have to take them away after a while and Thomas is no good at remembering to do that. So we're left with a Nylabone he LOVES, a knock off of a Kong that we got at Marshalls and a green rubber thing that is very durable. They also make these toys that are supposed to "hone their natural instincts" - very realistic looking ducks, geese, squirrels, rabbits, etc. He has a pheasant. When we first got it, we could only give it to him outside because he went NUTS over it. He has since pulled out the stuffing and noise squeaker (less of a squeak, probably what pheasants really sound like) so it's limp.

4. We're almost positive he's a German Shorthaired Pointer. Other than his coloring, he fits all of the characteristics. He was given up to the shelter before the tail docking age. Black is possible, but it would disqualify him from any shows or events because it is very rare and we think that's why someone gave him up. We fail to see any problem. His pointing instincts are certainly alive and well (tail out, nose forward, front paw up), but because we don't take him hunting, he uses them to point out some interesting things. He has pointed at a Red-tailed Hawk, a C-17 (giant cargo airplane), and a bullfrog, among other things.

5. I mentioned tail docking. For a while, I thought it was one of those things that people stupidly did to dogs. Little did I know. Moby's tail is now 19 inches long. 19 INCHES! They do it to prevent hunting accidents. I can tell you now that it most certainly would be problematic if we were to take him hunting. It waves around everywhere.

6. He loves to eat, but since we control his feeding schedule, he uses his mouth for other things. Mostly to explore. He put a frog in his mouth on our nightly walk the other day. He eats the bugs (especially moths) that are attracted to the lights at night. He is also very much interested in dishtowels, socks, microwave covers, paper of all kinds, and the occasional pair of underwear that he steals out of the dryer. I try not to leave things out. He is impossible to stay mad at, even if he does get into something. He's just so darn cute!

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