The Legal Pad Challenge

Monday, May 14, 2012

I know this is mostly a non-participatory blog. You read what I write, a few comments, etc. I always wish I had come up with something really brilliant- like PostSecret or 1000 Awesome Things. This is what I came up with this weekend. It's the Legal Pad Challenge. If you will, take a legal pad and try to fill it with things you want to do. It's not as dramatic sounding as a "bucket list." It has no must-do-before-I-die connotation. It's just stuff that you will do one day. I started it, then Thomas came up with one too. Then I developed a funkier digital version of mine to post. So I challenge you. Get a legal pad and try and fill it (roughly 24 items, depending on your pad). Then, if you can, email me a picture of your list! Or comment with the favorite thing on your list. I'm going to see how many I get. There's just something nice about putting pen to paper and actually writing all the things you've been thinking of. The more creative or ridiculous, the better! I promise, it's pretty fun and very meaningful.


  1. Love this post. Can't wait until Friday.

  2. My top 3

    1. Keep up/maintain my 2 blogs
    2. Build something for our house with power tools
    3. Travel America
    4. Learn to drive stick

    okay, I lied top 4 :)

    1. 4 more:
      1. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.
      2. Go to New Zealand, Madagascar and Tibet.
      3. Learn calligraphy.
      4. Beat Thomas at a video game.