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Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's been too long since I've written! I'm sorry. I've been so crazy focused on the house and dinners and everything people busy themselves with. For the moment, and just to get me back into the swing of things, a list.

1. We are in our new house. YIPPEE! We have gotten almost all of the rooms completed- or at least in a livable state. The base neighborhood is completely amazing and I know I am going to love living here. We have twice the amount of space as our old apartment and we are reveling in it. 
2. I hate moving. Boy it stinks. (And they didn't hire me to say the following:) The company Two Men and a Truck was completely awesome. We had wonderful movers who made the day-of go so much smoother than it would have with just us. They were so nice and totally understood that we were on a budget- so they busted it out and moved us in and out as fast as they could. 
3. Fun and silly- I finally got to open and use some wedding presents! We left a lot of kitchen stuff in boxes for the move and now I've gotten to open it and use it! It's been wonderful. Unfortunately overflow stuff has overtaken the laundry room. I must re-think some things there...

1. Harmonious furniture assembling. Early on (while we were dating) Thomas and I discovered that we cannot assemble furniture together. It is bad for our relationship. We are best suited to doing independent projects in separate rooms. We know this about us and it makes assembling stuff from IKEA (because we agree with low prices on a budget) much better. We also like each other more at the end of the day (crazy me- I LIKE to read the instructions included).
2. Like good wine, we are only getting better with time. So yeah, some said we were crazy to get married so soon, but every day together is awesome. We get happier because we know how lucky we are to be together and have found each other. Crazy to think that four months have passed, but they have!
3. It's fun to live with your best friend. Sometimes exasperating but mostly, Really fun.

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE (one for each month of marriage):
1. Know that it's okay not to spend every minute together doing the same thing. Know also that all the time you do have together is precious. So even when one person is playing a game online and another person is doing an art project in the same room, just being near each other is a lovely luxury.
2. Know when to concede that the other person is better at something than you are. For example, Thomas is much better at making quick decisions. Where I will agonize for 2 weeks about where to hang things, Thomas will assist me in helping me decide and hanging everything exactly where it should be in less than 30 minutes.
3. Make time for pillow talk. A few nights a week, try going to bed at the same time (even when one person has to wake up at 5:30) so you aren't distracted by "things to do." Then just spend time talking- about whatever. Possible topic: the perfect plan for saving and spending if you win the lottery.
4. Say "I love you" and mean it as often as possible. Saying it more never makes it less meaningful and you never get tired of hearing it. Ever. 

1. I actually started a journal of my own. I know I've said before that this is my online journal, but in addition to the fact that my journal is really cool and I miss writing things by hand, it's a chance for me to be very personal and more conscientious of my prayer life than I was previously. Yes, it probably has contributed to me writing here less, but I am going to try to use what I've learned there in my writing here. And I will write more often!
2. The medicine change is leveling off. Praise be to God for this much more awesome feeling! I am still experiencing some mood swings (mostly this past week), but I can mostly keep them under control, or at least re-direct my energy (or lack thereof) to more productive things. Also probably not helped by my menstrual cycle. May be personal but a. look at the heading and b. just being honest. 
3. Getting ready to try the job search again. It's looking like Thomas will be in Virginia for the summer because of his job and I'm also craving some contribution. Lots of volunteer ups and downs, but I think a few places on base are hiring and I just have to keep trying. Just gotta trust God is keeping me in the right places.

1. Thomas got me an iPhone and for the first time in 8 years of cell phone use, I can send text message pictures. It's amazing. I'm pretty sure that's my favorite thing.
2. I got a dutch oven. It's a fairly large, round, cast iron pot that is often used to cook stews and sauces. The nice ones can run upwards of $200. I found mine for $39 on the clearance aisle of TJ Maxx (discount/overstock store for non-Americans). I'm really excited. It's a bright yellow enamel, reminiscent of Big Bird on Sesame Street.
3. I finally have my library! We converted one of the spare bedrooms into a guest room/library. It has big bookcases, pictures, art work, a full bed filled with pillows for transforming it into the perfect day-bed and reading nook.
4. I've tapered my postcard wall in the new house. Edited, is more like it. It's all of the black and white postcards I have. And I'm running low- I wish I could make it a bit bigger. If you find a cool one, please send it on!

All in all, life is pretty awesome. 

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