15 fun facts about me

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1. I have one addiction. Stationary. I can't help myself. I also see no reason to stop buying it since a. I end up mailing it; b. it's cheap; c. it does no harm to my body in any way; and d. it makes me happy. 
2. I talk to my dog. Moby comforts me when I'm down, doesn't care if I've showered yet, and always acts like I am THE most important person on the planet. In return for this undying affection, I talk to him, tell him my problems, and most of the time he pretends like he cares.
3. I always wear mens pajama pants because they are cheaper, less frilly, and most importantly, longer than women's pajama pants.
4. I have a secret wish to be a domestic goddess. Not in the religious sense of the word. Just really awesome at everything. Sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, ironing, magically being able to do all of these things really well at all times. 
5. Strange body things: If I hold my nose to the side, it stays bent for about 30 seconds. It's pretty cool. I can wrap my arm all the away around my head. I don't seem to have a problem with dislocation- things pop in and out of joints all the time and it's not painful. I can put my feet behind my head. There are others, but you get the picture.
6. I wish I had curly/wavy hair. Mine is just so straight. It never holds a curl and makes it very hard to dress up. Remember those wedding curls? Yeah- a full can of hairspray and 25 bobby pins to make that last all day.
7. I almost never curse. If I do, you should watch out. Something is wrong. Instead of cursing, I make up words or use random words when I do things like stub my toe, chase cockroaches, or have a moment that ends in me screwing something up. Farfenougan, shenanigans, son of a gun, fiddlesticks. Yes, I also use old time "cursing." What can I say, I'm either 7 or 77.
8. It really annoys me that chip bags are half air and half chips. It is deceiving. 
9. I am afraid I am not as smart, artistic, or charming as people think I am.
10. I can give up every other soda in the world except for two. Barq's root beer is hands down the best root beer out there. It has more flavor than any other. Cheerwine is the best remedy for when I'm feeling a little homesick or I miss being out at camp.
11. I drink milk more than any other beverage.
12. Honest: I have never smoked a cigarette. I have never taken any illegal drugs. I did not have a single drink until I was 21. I have never been drunk. Tipsy 4 times since 21. I will never ever judge you if you have. It was a personal choice.
13. My pillow is the most important thing when I sleep. Next to that is falling asleep with the covers over my ears.
14. I think my life is richer because I have Bipolar Disorder. To be clear: I would do a happy dance if I woke up tomorrow and didn't have it. But I know I have a deeper sense of being because of it.
15. When I can't sleep I make Thomas talk to me about submarines.

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