No 2- Most awesome dinner ever

Saturday, July 7, 2012

6 people you'd love to have at dinner:
This is going to be a very interesting meal. First on deck is Roald Dahl. He's probably one of my favorite authors and wrote the greatest children's book- The BFG. I've read almost everything he's ever written and I'm addicted. I still go back and read these books when I'm having a down day or just need to laugh. If his writing style (and the question is, how did you develop it?) is any indication of who he is, we are sure to have some laughs.

Next is my all time favorite historical person. Queen Elizabeth I of England. This gutsy monarch led England for decades, throwing rules to the wind as she proved that you don't have to be married to be powerful. She was just balls to the wall awesome. I am always impressed by gutsy women and for a child of a slightly crazy father (the man murdered most of his wives- I won't mention him), she turned out pretty well. I'm sure she'll add a little spice to the conversation, but here's to hoping she doesn't dominate it. I've always marveled at her independence but I think I'll ask if she truly did it alone.

Of course C. S. Lewis has to come. His brilliant works are so wonderful because they are so accessible. Lewis went through his own trials in his faith and they are apparent. He always seemed like a very reasonable person, logical and thoughtful. If you haven't read The Chronicles of Narnia then you are missing out on life. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is a classic, but The Horse and His Boy was always my favorite. I'm most curious how his conversion to Christianity became so powerful as to write so much about it.

Oh T.J. Thomas Jefferson is my favorite Founding Father. This was discussed at great length in the Bible Study my friends and I started our senior year. Mostly among the girls when I posed the question as to who was the one founding father you thought was rather attractive. My friend Wesley* gave me one of my favorite quotes ever when she said that George Washington was the man for her- "I think wooden teeth are kinda sexy." Jefferson does it for me with the red hair and intelligence. He was an interesting thinker to say the least. He was very skilled at many things - including writing, architecture, and politics. He was an inventor and avid intellectual.

The fifth guest is someone you probably don't know. Isabelle Bennett Stoll was my great grandmother. I never knew her, but we share the same birthday (November 3) and my middle name is her maiden name. I don't know why I've always felt a strong connection to her, but between the family stories, name sharing, and birthday, I've always wanted to get to know her.

My final guest is Desmond Tutu, the only person currently living. Desmond Tutu rocks! He is Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa. A retired Anglican bishop (yes, I know there are lots of Anglicans on this list), Tutu was an opponent of apartheid. His sermons and speeches are wonderful works on the thoughts of Christianity, and what it means to be a Christian in our modern world. His sermons and speeches are very clear and well thought out. It would really be an honor to eat with him. He is an advocate for the oppressed, wherever they may be. The thing that sealed the deal for me was that when I read his sermons and speeches I saw him answer the questions I had in my head with the thoughts I had always believed. He just loves. And I love that.

Many thanks to Thomas for helping me with this! We played this game several months ago and had a lot of fun learning about each other and the people we admire. In case you were wondering, his list of 6 is as follows:
1. Albert Einstein
2. Benjamin Franklin
3. Julius Ceasar
4. the Apostle Peter
5. Admiral John Paul Jones
6. John Clark (fictional character)

Those who didn't make the list: God, Jesus, Martin Luther, and Nelson Mandela. I figure I can cover these guys in Heaven. Others: Buddha, Frank Warren of PostSecret, Cleopatra, and so many more.

*Wesley is a fantastic writer, one of my best friends, an avid fan of George Washington, and also doing this blog challenge over at Check her out!


  1. BFG - a great book, but rather hard to read out loud, as I realised while reading it to the class I was teaching last week. Denis

    1. Denis, I love reading it out loud! You do have to practice it first though- it can be difficult. I first heard it, as my third grade teacher read it to us. We were captivated. And ever since I have been as well.