No. 10- Ten for ten (likes)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1. My faith. I know it's a little weird and maybe not how other people have a relationship with or worship God. Maybe not even your religion. I love that it's weird, bizarre, honest, and funny. It works for me and God. So as subsets, add Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, salvation, redemption, pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ, and funny bits in the Bible...

2. Flowers. I love big, fat bouquets of flowers that smell delightful. One of my favorite things to do is bury my head in a big bunch of them. I get giddy when they grow on the sides of highways. I love fields of them- big and little. I like the odd looking ones best. I like the strange Birds of Paradise, big fat peonies... basically anything that blossoms makes me happy. We always have fresh flowers in the house and it really does brighten my mood.

3. Naps. Naps are the best. Sometimes you just need to go back to bed for a bit, curl up, and let your mind go back to rest.

4. BOOKS! I'm currently reading Drop Dead Healthy by A. J. Jacobs. He's one of my all-time favorite authors. He writes how I want to write one day. It's hilarious to read and Thomas always asks why I'm laughing out loud. I love the way they feel and smell. Yep, I'm a book dork. I love new books, I love old books, and I love library books. If they have multiple copies of a book, I always pick the one that looks the most loved.

5. Paper. There's something about the promise it holds. It can be anything- origami, a box, art, envelopes, the next great American novel. Post-it notes litter the bottom of my purse, the backs of my daily calendar hold grocery notes. My desk is covered in scraps from making things, under it is a paper bag of scraps to recycle. Our big wall calendar downstairs has templates on the back to create file folders, boxes, and note cards. Recycling paper is always nice too, as are making lists on it.

6. A good laugh. That one that makes your side ache, makes people look at you funny, makes you throw back your head, and generally makes your day.

7. People. I like people. I like people with great accents, people who don't know they're completely lovely, pregnant women, architects, artists, the people you watch at a coffee shop, people who make you laugh, eloquent speakers, people who inspire you to do something you didn't think you could do, friends, the people who make you smile the moment you think of them, those who pray for you, those who you pray for, and those you love.

8. Charleston. I love my hometown. I love that it makes me a seafood snob. There are perfect summer days spent on docks, spitting watermelon seeds into the creek. I love rolling afternoon thunderstorms. I love Charleston accents. There's water everywhere and salt is in the air. Charlestonians are friendly and there's a shared love for our unique city, the islands that surround it, and the people who live here. There's cuisine here from boiled peanuts to frogmore stew to the fancy restaurants downtown. People hold the door for you, ma'am and sir are second nature, please and thank you are a must.

9. My family. I love my new family of Moby and Thomas. I love my parents and siblings. I love my grandparents and extended family. I love old family stories. I love Stella- my parents yellow lab who is now 12, her new "sister" Luna, a 5 month old yellow lab. Dogs are part of the family for us. Mostly I love that we all love each other.

10. Couldn't decide on the rest... art, hugs, music, church, justice, helping, gingers, learning, travel, pens, pencils, tape, hope, love, sewing, creating, swimming, concerts, running barefoot in the grass, personal dance parties, being kissed, smiling, traveling, letters, Chacos, scarves.

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