No. 17- 5 Ways To Win My Heart

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not really sure what I was thinking when I made up all of these topics, but oh well. I'll have to be more creative in how I answer this. I think it will go along the lines of "you know you've won my heart if..."

1. If I give you a good hug. I'm more apt to shake people's hands when I first meet them, but if at the end of the time we've met I hug you, then congrats! You're in the hug club. There's little that's more awkward than a hug when you don't really know a person, but little that's better than a much-needed hug from a friend. Moral: You can win my heart if... you're a genuine person and you make me feel comfortable and welcome.

2. I can be weird around you. I'm kind of an odd person. When I say "kind of," what I really mean is "extremely." I skip down grocery aisles. I make mad sprints randomly towards things in public. I make very weird faces. I'm making a weird face now as I'm trying to think of more things that make me weird. I hang off trees in my wedding dress. I come up with shenanigans and hijinks to pull off. Like the time in college where we had a fake pagan Roman barbecue/ritual slaughter. During class. I hid it from the professor and also got other professors and the dean to come in and help us. Another classmate made sure the dining hall had barbecue sandwiches that day. No animals were slaughtered at our fake PaganFest, but the BBQ was pulled pork. I celebrate birthdays with as much enthusiasm as a 4 year-old. Was the sidewalk chalk a giveaway? Moral: You can win my heart if... you're weird too and you're not condescending around me. Then I'm more likely to be myself.

Pictures courtesy of Riverland Studios and our photographer, Caroline Howard, who fully embraced my weirdness that day.

3. I sing in front of you. This can ONLY happen in a select number of settings. A. You are in my car with me (not guaranteed that I will sing). B. You come to church with me (guaranteed that I will sing because it's God). C. You are a small screaming child that I am babysitting for. This is guaranteed, but I generally sing what's in my head. Church hymns are the first that come to mind, but there was one occasion where I sang "My Generation" by The Who. Christmas carols too. D. We're at a Needtobreathe concert (guaranteed). Moral: I don't think there is one here. You just have to luck out.

4. You can win my heart if you are a dog. That's easy. I will love them forever. I will talk to dogs in silly voices, I will sprint down the street with them, and I will cuddle with them on the couch. You may not truly grasp how much I love my dog. It borders on the insane. Moby is the bee's knees. What can I say? If you have a 21 inch long tail, are as tall as me on your hind legs, chase things in your sleep, have ears the size of salad plates, and are just ridiculous, then sure, you can win my heart. I call him my therapy dog. He just doesn't have a special vest. Maybe I'll make him one.

5. You can win my heart if you truly understand that I am a contradiction in terms. I love flowers but hate roses. I like to sing, just not in front of anyone. I can be very hyper one minute but the next I may need a nap. I am sarcastic but loving. I am very tall but in this world I feel very small. If you understand that I am confident, but I need to be validated. I like hugs and friends, but I need my space too. I'm Bipolar, but I'm still a person with normal needs and desires. I'm very opinionated but open to other people's opinions.

All in all, this was an odd post to write. I think the heart of the matter is that you can win my heart if you let me be me. It's how Thomas wins my heart every day. It's how my closest friends are the ones I talk to everyday and the ones I may only get to speak to occasionally. Me being me is this blog. In this place, I pretend to be no one else. This is me, writing to you the way that my brain thinks. I'm sitting here in jeans and a fleece (igloo house). I do that thing my mom hates where one foot is on the floor and the other foot is in the chair with my chin on my knee. I have a glass of sweet tea, no makeup on, a wall of postcards in front of me, and I type away on my old MacBook. Welcome to me.

**Also wanted to mention that there might be a giveaway soon on this blog! Haven't decided what to give away, but keep watching.**

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  1. That is an epic picture of you hanging from the tree! Love it.