No. 8- What are you looking forward to most in the next six months?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My honeymoon! At long last, in October we will jet off to Italy for two weeks. In that time, we will hopefully visit Florence, Rome, Genoa, and Venice- and random small towns, for that is our favorite way to travel. As soon as Thomas's leave chit gets approved (the Navy likes to keep tabs on their sailors at all times), we can start buying tickets and really planning. I've been to Italy before, but Thomas has never been outside the States. I love to travel. I can't believe my trip to Scotland was a full year ago! If I had disposable income (beyond trips to Target for clearance skirts and more pens), I would jet off in a moment. I love my life here. I love living in Charleston, always being a hop, skip and a jump away from salty air and water.

But I adore meeting new people and seeing where they live, and how weird my accent is. Maine was like my favorite outdoor store- their rocky coastline, rugged trees, lighthouses, and a cool breeze. I loved waking up on Mull, pulling on my boots, and hiking for miles in any direction. I loved Glasgow and running about a city all by myself. I loved meeting two lovely Scotsmen who ran a cafe and wanted to know all about living in the Deep South! I love that I'm still friends with people I met there. In France, everyone convinced me that the people of France are lovely. I was eleven, spoke decent French- and let's face it, adorable. People were eager to help me with my French and to read signs. Italy just seemed like a magical world of amazing food, glamorous people in the cities, and the kindest people. California charmed me with towering redwoods. Alaska tried to kill Hannah and me as we set out in a kayak (another story), but I can't hold it against such a beautiful state. Ohio was filled with Thomas's friends who welcomed me whole heartedly. West Virginia was beautiful, full of scary roads, and towns without signs.

So beyond my obvious yen for travel, I'm thrilled Thomas and I get to go somewhere. I get to show him one of my favorite places and we get to discover new things together. I think it's important for couples to travel together, to be removed from everyday circumstances every now and then. It's also a lovely way for us to celebrate our marriage. Even if we did take the non-traditional route by waiting 7 months (though not entirely by choice). Two weeks is as long as the Navy will allow us to go at one time, but we're thrilled anyway. We have a list a mile long of places we want to go one day, but we are so happy to start with Italy. Books and notes are starting to tower up, and I need to keep working on my Italian! I'm sure it will creep up on us with everything we're doing. Ciao!

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