No. 19- Sweet Vestiges of Summer Playlist

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I've got YouTube videos for them all, but since some of the songs were around looong before YouTube, some videos have the right music, but random pictures to go with them. Either way, the songs are great and it's my late summer playlist. I go through ups and downs in my music listening phases, and most of these songs are happy, dancing, sing loudly in the car, skip around the house, fun songs. Because that's the way I feel right now.

1. "Still the One"- Orleans. Weird compilation video, but the song is good.

2. "Runaway Baby"- Bruno Mars. Just got his most recent cd, so I'm addicted to pretty much everything on it right now. This is just infectious, particularly when you are able to hit the repeat button and listen to it over and over and over again.

3. "I Was Made For Sunny Days"- The Weepies. This one just keeps reminding me that even when you miss your train and get stuck in the rain, the sun comes out again. It always makes me happier.

4. "Barbara Ann"- The Beach Boys. I love love love this song. My dad and I sang and danced to the Beach Boys all the time and I found this video of them doing a performance on the Jack Benny Hour. The sound is pretty great (except for a few screams) and it's fun.

5. "Forget You"- Cee Lo Green. Another song that's all over the radio around here that you just can't get out of your head. It may not be (or may be) the song you wish to sing someone, but the official video is pretty funny. And yes, it's the clean version.

6. "Freedom"- The Push Stars. Chris Trapper has a lovely voice and sound. This is exactly how I feel about Thomas and how he feels about me. It's such a sweet song.

7. "Gold on the Ceiling"- The Black Keys. I just love their sound.

8. "What Makes You Beautiful"- One Direction. So yeah, another boy band and they're what? 14?, but what makes this song awesome is that Thomas learned all the words and he sings it to me. This is pretty amazing because he doesn't even know all the words to his favorite song. It's one of the most oddly romantic things about him- that he sings this song. SO CUTE!

9. "Rise"- Will Dailey. Lyrics are lovely, so is his voice. Longer video, but worth it.

10. "5 Year's Time"- Noah & The Whale. If this song and this ukelele don't make you happy, I don't know what will.

11. "Rhythm of Love"- Plain White T's.

12. "Sweet Darlin'"- She & Him.

13. "Cocaine"- Eric Clapton. I am not endorsing the use of drugs, this is just one helluva song. This is another one that Dad and I used to sing at the bus stop. It's a wonder none of the other kids in elementary school had heard of it...

14. "Girl Named Tennessee"- Needtobreathe. Some Carolina boys with that piano, and... yeah. Love it.

15. "Carolina Girls"- Chairmen of the Board. I had to end on this note. I just had to! But if you don't know the "rivalry" between the Beach Boys love of California girls and the Chairmen of the Board making a song called Carolina girls, then you may not understand the first three minutes. But this is South Carolina music, music where I come from, shag music (by the way, here, shag is not sex, the shag is a dance- that's for you Squarah), and this is my home.


  1. Your music taste is as eclectic as mine! I'm thrilled to see She & Him on there, and Noah and the Whale too. Great choices.

  2. Hurrah for good music! I think I'm going to start doing this music thing more often. It's fun. I love Noah and the Whale- especially "Tonight's the Kind of Night."