No. 20- Something or Someone you miss

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thomas. He left for Virginia again just a handful of hours ago and I don't really know how soon I will see him again. In another day, or perhaps this evening, Moby will stand at the front door or the bottom of the stairs and whimper. I already know that it will be weeks, maybe months before he comes back and the house feels empty.

I am so proud of Thomas. He's brilliant, and because of that, he gets to do all kinds of things- alas, some of them take him away from home a bit more. (To catch you up, if you don't know, Thomas works for the Navy as a nuclear engineer/mechanic/lab worker.) He always excels on tests, usually scoring in the top two or three. He spends a lot of time studying, but always helps others study too. He is excited to be able to start teaching in November.

Thomas does an amazing job of providing for our little family. When it comes to the big and important things, he is methodical and logical. When it comes to remembering to vacuum, meh, not so much. Haha, but it's okay. We make the best team, equally balancing out the other and never feeling resentful in our duties. His kindness cannot be overstated, nor could his love for me. He takes such good care of me and every time I say I don't deserve it, he cuts me off with a kiss. After feeling icky all day yesterday (and moody because of his impending departure) he came home with a huge bouquet and a big sweet tea. The man knows me.

He's got a crazy schedule up there, but while he's gone, I sleep with my phone next to me and he calls when he can. I'm a proud Navy wife, but anyone who tells you it's not hard is delusional!

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