No. 24- Five items you lust after

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lusting is bad. I do not condone lusting because in its worst form, lusting can lead to failed relationships and a dissatisfaction with the life that you have.


(there's always a "but," isn't there?)

Aren't there just 5 little things that you wish you had? Total luxuries you would not afford yourself in the everyday, but due to the advent of Pinterest and any magazine ever, you wish you had? Yeah, thought so.

Here are mine.

1. A leather bomber jacket. Like this Bogner Syna Biker Jacket. Very nice.

2. The Eames chair and ottoman. Moby will not be allowed on it.

3. The aforementioned chair and ottoman will go in this library- it's the one from the Glasgow School of Art. And it is perfect. Thanks, Charles Reenie Mackintosh.

4. Horseback riding lessons. And this is a picture of a Cleveland Bay (for some reason, my all-time favorite horse breed as a girl). And yes, I was that girl who had a million horse books- preferably the non-fiction kind. What can I say? We were only allowed to have fish until I was ten. A horse is the opposite of fish.

5. The house and farm in Oregon that Thomas and I made up if we win the lottery. Lots of dogs, horses for me to learn how to ride, endless guest rooms for all to visit, libraries to fill with Eames chairs and Herin designs, art all over the place, something always baking, and a house full of laughter.

I know, I will never get the library from the Glasgow School of Art. But maybe one day I can get one from the illustrious Samuel Bennett Herin? (Hint, hint Dad.) I know, I'll probably settle for a fake leather jacket that I can get for $39 at Target. The Eames Chair? If I save all of my pennies, that one might happen when I'm 80 and old enough to enjoy it. Hopefully I'll learn how to ride a horse before I'm 80, though. 57 more years of horse-less existence? I can't. As for the house- as long as I have family to visit and fill wherever I live and a place where Thomas and I can call home, then we shall wait. Maybe one day we'll get that house and I'll show you what it turned out as.

Don't know if the pictures linked to the websites, but I tried. Sorry jacket, Misters Eames, Charles, and horse if they didn't.


  1. The Eames Chair... drool. I had almost forgotten all about that. When you have won the lottery save me a spot in one of your guest rooms on your farm so I can come park my bottom in your shiny new chair. And say hello to you, of course!

    1. If I win the lottery, I'll fly you over and you can stay and enjoy all of it. Then I will also steal some of your ideas. I'll have a swing in at least one room and a crafty room. (I really want a drafting table and one of those huge map cabinets- with the long, skinny, shallow drawers). If you get any of the things on your list, I'm coming to visit!

      Actually, you're welcome to stay any time.

    2. I would also like to add a typewriter to my lust list. I know they're very "in" right now, but I've wanted one since middle school. I can't stop thinking about it. Letters would be even more fun to write.