No. 26- A place you'd like to live

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I've traveled to a lot of places, or at least a respectable sum for my age. But to think of living somewhere, rather than just visiting a place, is harder to do. So I thought of all of the things that make my home home for me. Why do I really want to go home after three weeks in Scotland? Or Italy? I usually miss my family and my bed. But then again, Thomas and Moby would come with me, and I can pack my mattress.

I love water. I love the smell of the marsh and the salty air. Mull and Iona felt so comfortable to me because they are islands, surrounded by water, and they smell distinctly like the ocean and the marsh of my home. I think Moby would love to live in Scotland and chase sheep. I could sew, make things all day, and eat fish and chips with vinegar to my heart's content. (My mouth is watering.) Thomas would love the weather and the food. I just love... pretty much everything about Scotland.

If I stayed in America, I would take the Pacific Northwest in a heartbeat. I think I've considered this more because there actually is a possibility that we could move there due to Thomas's job. I'm quite sure I would love it. It would be a totally different change of pace, but towering trees, parks, hiking everywhere, and living on the coast would be amazing. They have a huge gathering of artists and craftworkers there. There's a big focus on local food as well. My parents and siblings have voiced enthusiasm over this choice and everyone says they would come visit. Good to know. :)

A lot of things are up in the air right now... and probably will be until Thomas leaves the Navy. Until then, I will get my fill of traveling and moving and living. Hopefully that will one day include a post in Bangor, Washington (Seattle area). Anywhere there are submarines, we may go!


  1. Come live in Scotland! We'd have you! There's a space in the Craft co-op on Iona where I work and everything!

    1. Oh I would come live there so fast! Unfortunately, Thomas's soul belongs to the U.S. Navy for at least the next 5 years. Maybe I'll move to Scotland when he's out to sea. So whilst he's gone for three months, I'll be in Scotland in a very tiny cottage with a very large dog. It would certainly take my mind off his being gone! Ooooh I would love to join your Craft co-op. Now that we are going to be letter-friends, I'm going to have to learn more about that!