No. 27- What you've learned in the past year

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am in a very different place this August 20th than I was last year. While all of the little school children started at the elementary school at the end of my street today, I didn't even think of school. I do miss new school supplies, but for the first time- ever- I wasn't worried about not starting school this year. I don't feel the need to go to school right now and I know I'm better off here. I no longer feel that my life is dictated by what I feel I need to do, just because other people are doing it. For once, I feel at rest. Schools will always be around, teaching something, but the closest I'm getting to one is taking Moby to obedience classes.

I've learned about weddings, but more about marriage. It's one of the reasons I am glad we had such a short engagement. It was easy to not get caught up in wedding plans and focus more on what comes after. The daily living together. To being a wife, as well as an on-call best friend. Every day I learn more about being a military wife, about the sacrifices that Thomas and I both make. I love knowing that I can always count on him. We each put the other person first, above all- and that is what makes our marriage a partnership. We find more and more reasons to love each other each day. Even when it seems as though I can't possibly be lovable, he still tells me I am amazing. Marriage is great.

God continues to teach me the same lessons over and over. (Mostly because I can't get them through my thick head.) So from God's perspective...
a. I love you.
b. I know what's best for you.
c. Where you are right now is where I need you to be.
d. You will find your rest in me.

There are many little things that I've learned. Things that shape me into the fabulous person that I have become. Every time a year goes by it seems like it went by fast and at the same time, so much stuff was packed into it! (Moby just nudged my arm to tell me he wants to be included in the list too.) I've had this saved as a draft for over a week now, trying to come up with something completely brilliant. But for now, this is it. I'm 23 and married and at the end of each month I feel like I've learned something. I have a great life and as crazy as it gets sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

And with that, the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge is officially over!!

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