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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I remember thinking of several good post ideas, but as I sit in the quiet of my house, I can't seem to recall any of them. These are mostly the thoughts floating in my head.

I packed too much for Italy.

I definitely didn't research enough for Italy. How much more can I cram in in the next 63 hours?

I have a hair appointment Friday at 11. Do I want to cut all of my hair off?
Probably so. Hair grows.

I need to re-pot my aloe plant so it doesn't die.

I didn't pack enough for Italy. I am going to be over there for two weeks.

This is pretty much the extent of my thought process. All faculties seem completely committed to Italy, even though I'm not there yet. My brain doesn't seem to care. Leaving you, my poor readers, in the dust. I'm so sorry. It will get harder before it gets better, as life often does (not that my blog = life, but, you know) because...

Thomas and I are leaving SATURDAY for 16 days in Italy. (And the chorus of angels commences.) That is correct. Goodbye America, hello again Italy! Thomas has never been out of the country and I am thrilled to go back to one of my favorite places. Our plan for the whole trip? Eat. And eat. And eatandeatandeatandeat. And walk. And stare at mind-bloggling works of art. 238 days after our wedding, we get to have couple time!! No Navy!! Nothing nothing nothing but each other. Someone joked that since we've been married for a while and are used to time apart we might have to start doing activities alone after a few days. Haha, maybe! But doubtful.

Yes, I plan on taking tons of pictures and posting many of them here. Though I will try not to be that person who takes pictures of their food. Never did understand that desire. However, I did master shrimp scampi from scratch the other night and I took a picture to prove it to my mom.

See? Seriously delicious.

I will shoot for at least one more post before I leave, preferably a bit more cerebral and a little less stream of consciousness. I just wanted you to know that I'm not dead.

Even though I was sick for all of September, not dead. Just distracted.

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